When we were designing the opening titles for Amazon Prime Video's Farzi, we decided to dive headfirst into the weird and wonderful world of Indian currency. Our goal was to create a world that felt authentic and familiar to Indian audiences, so we drew the monuments, patterns, and emblems from these notes as faithfully as possible. By using these elements as the basis for our designs, we were able to create a cohesive and visually striking world that drew viewers in. We wanted to take these familiar elements and use them in new and unexpected ways, creating a world entirely made up of Indian currency notes.

Watch the show here!

Visual Development, Design and Animation:
Mehr Chatterjee, Aditya Dutta

Additional Artwork:
Aarti Bhalekar

Yashoda Parthasarthy

Creative Producer:
Vijesh Rajan

Sidharth Meer (Bridge Postworks)

Thiyagaranjan S

Goba Gonsalves

Chandrashekhar Parab (Magic Farm Studios)

3D Note burning:
Viraj S Patil, Raman Wyas, Ettienne Jacques, Parthiva Yashowardhan

Junior Designer:
Associate Designer